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The Railway Division provides track diagnostic equipment and track machines to Indian Railways for Monitoring and Maintenance of rail infrastructure along with services, operation, and maintenance.

Railway Tracks
image Maintenance.png
Track Maintenance Machine

We have Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with our foreign associates to deliver different types of on track machines for maintenance of IR track. Presently we are dealing in following Track Machines:

  • Ballast Cleaning Machine

  • High Output Ballast Cleaning Machine

  • Leveling, Profiling & Temping Machine

  • Outsourcing of Railway Track Maintenance

  • Muck Disposal Unit

  • Lubrication System

We also offer maintenance services of above machines through life-cycle contract.

Track Health.png
Track Diagnostics Equipment

Different types of track diagnostic equipment are used on railway network to measure physical parameters of track and defects in various track components and track structures.

These diagnostic equipment includes Sensors and LASER based systems for measurement of Rail profile along with rail wear and track parameters, Video inspection of track components for identification of defects, video inspection of track features, ultrasonic testing of rails to detect internal flaws of rails. Presently we are dealing in following:


  • track geometry measurement systems

  • rail profile inspection systems

  • video inspection system for track components

  • video inspection system for track features

  • clearance envelope inspection systems

  • acceleration measurement systems

  • overhead line inspection systems

  • ultrasonic flaw detection equipment


We also provide integrated solution for full diagnostics and monitoring of track condition.

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