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Metal and Minerals


The Metallurgy division provides technology/equipment/services for ferrous and non-ferrous metal industries. These include coke oven batteries, sintering plants, blast furnaces; steel making, continuous casting, reheating and annealing furnaces and rolling mill rolls- forged and cast, compressors & exhausters for Air/Gases and Spring Coiling Machines.

Material Handling Division

Material Handling Division

The Material handling and processing division provide technology/equipment including Stackers; reclaimers; wagon tipplers; conveyors, grinding mills, various types of overhead cranes and drilling equipment.

  • Stacker and Reclaimer

  • Ship Loader

  • Wagon Tippler

  • Wagon Pusher

  • Positioners

  • Crushing and Milling Machines

  • Port Complex Management System

  • Automatized Management System

  • Control system Provides

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