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Coal Handling Plant

Coal Handling Plant Division

The Material handling and processing division provide technology/equipment including Stackers; reclaimers; wagon tipplers; conveyors, grinding mills, various types of overhead cranes and drilling equipment.

  • Stacker and Reclaimer

  • Ship Loader

  • Wagon Tippler

  • Wagon Pusher

  • Positioners

  • Crushing and Milling Machines

  • Port Complex Management System

  • Automatized Management System

  • Control system Provides


Stacker and Reclaimer

Stacker and Reclaimer is designed to stack bulk material into a stock pile of trapezoidal (triangular) shape and to reclaim the material out of it under the conditions of outdoor and inside storage.

Material feeding to the stock yard and from the stock yard is carried out from various transfer stations.


Wagon Tipper 

Wagon Tipplers are designed for mechanized unloading of the loose materials from railway open wagons of various load capacity.

What we can Offer

  • Mobile Rotary Wagon Tippler

  • Mobile rotary bridge-type wagon tippler

  • Mobile rotary bridge-type wagon tippler

  • Stationary rotary wagon tippler

  • Stationary rotary(three-support) wagon tippler

  • Stationary rotary three-support wagon tippler with hydraulic drive for clamps and walls moving

  • Stationary rotary two-support wagon tippler with hydraulic drive for clamps and walls moving

  • Stationary rotary two-support cradle-type wagon tippler

  • Tower mobile wagon tippler



Wagon Pusher is intended to supply (push) empty and loaded open cars along the rail tracks and to set the same into stationary wagon tippler.



Positioner is intended for precise setting of the loaded open wagon in the wagon tippler along with simultaneous pulling of the loaded rail rake and pushing of the empty open wagon when setting a loaded one for discharge.



Crushing-and-milling machine is used for crushing of large pieces or blocks of frozen material on wagon tippler bin grate bars. Crushing of lumps (pieces) is carried out by rotating cutter teeth.


Automatized Management System Control system Provides Equipment mode selection (automated , blocked local , unblocked local); Technical process startup; Alarm message archivation; Equipment real situation reflection; blocking information, alarm message with indicating mechanism, where failure takes place (are highlighted on workstation screen, operator panels); Alerts and warnings confirmation. Plant process Control is Performed In automatic mode with workstation and/ or operator’s panel help; In blocked local and in unblocked local mode with the help of local posts, located directly at the mechanisms.

All emergency executive bodies directly-connected by electrical installation with emergency switch for direct control. Structural description of hardware and software suite is submitted on pictures, PTK is submitted in several variants. At the customer’s request can be selected optimal option for solving the required production target. Hardware and Software Suite has Three-Level Structure:

Low-Level – sensors of technological parameters and actuating mechanism; Intermediate Level – functionally distributed microprocessor systems (on the basis of local control unit), implement collection function, primary machining of input signal, automatic control regulation, tripping and locking devices; Upper Level– providing implementation of visualization functions, remote control over equipment operation.

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