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Metallurgy Division


The Metallurgy division provides technology/equipment/services for ferrous and non-ferrous metal industries. These include coke oven batteries, sintering plants, blast furnaces; steel making, continuous casting, reheating and annealing furnaces and rolling mill rolls- forged and cast. The division provides compressors and exhausters for air and gases and equipment and technology for spring coiling.


Slab Casting

Compact and modularly designed slab casters from ADJ are distinguished by advanced technological packages and highest-quality casting equipment and components. Individual solutions can be developed to meet specific customer requirements – from minor component upgrades to full turnkey slab caster projects. The capability to cast a wide range of steel grades, slab thicknesses and slab widths on the same casting machine allows producers to quickly adapt to changing market demands.


Sintering Equipment

  • Conveyor Type Sinter Machines

  • Straight Line Sinter Coolers

  • Equipment for Preparation of Sinter Mix

Sintering equipment with various sintering volumes, individual components, items and mechanisms (such as sintering pallets, driving and discharging drums, reduction gears, sintering belt drives, spare parts, etc.). In addition, we offer a range of supporting machinery required for preparing stock and processing ready sinter (mixing drums, distributors, crushers, suppression drums, coolers, their individual components and mechanisms).


Forged Rolls

Rolls for Rolling Mills:

  • Forged work rolls for hot and cold rolling mills

  • Forged back up rolls for hot and cold rolling mills

  • Cast iron rolls for structural mills


Blast Furnace Equipment

Machinery for charging of raw material:

  • Full set of equipment for skip charging systems

  • Top charging equipment

Machines for tapping, discharge and transportation of cast iron and slag:

  • Torpedo ladle cars

  • Hot metal ladle cars

  • Slag ladle cars

  • Mud guns and

  • Taphole drilling machines.


Steel Making Equipment

  • Steel Making Equipment

  • Ladles

  • Equipment for transportation of ladles


Coke Oven Equipment 

  • Door-extracting machines

  • Coal charging machines

  • Coke cars

  • Coke-quenching cars


Crushing and Milling Equipment


  • Jaw crushers

  • Cone crushers

  • Rotary crushers

  • Hammer crushers

  • Roll crushers



  • Mills for cement production: tube mills for raw materials; cement tube mills

  • Mills for cement production: tube mills for raw materials; cement tube mills


Exhausters and Compressor

We can offer supply, repairing and upgrading of complex compressor equipment and spare parts. The main consumers of equipment and services are the engineering, oil refining, cement and chemical industries, mining and processing enterprises, non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy enterprises.


Spring Coiling Machine

We can offer following Machinery for Spring Industries:

  • Spring Coiling Machine (Hot Coiling/Cold Coiling)

  • Wired Bending Machine

  • Spring End Grinding Machine

  • Trimming Machine

  • Looping Machine

  • Electronic Uncoiless

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