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ONBOARD Automatic Train Protection system

Main Functions

  • Receiving, and indication of signals from the track wayside equipment and substations data about train’s ahead location, traffic lights and permissible speed.

  • Control of permissible speed and traffic lights passing.

  • Speed measurement GPS/GLONASS position and time determination.

  • Train movement parameters recording to removable black-box KR.

  • Excluding the unauthorized movement.

  • Vigilance control of driver.

  • Train speed is up to 400 km/h.

  • Reception and display of ALSN and multi-valued ALS-EN signals.

  • Automation of control and testing.

  • Multi-functional displays with ability to monitor traction rolling stock.

  • Innovative solutions in speed sensors that improve reliability.

  • Improved convenience during service

  • Diagnostics of ALS signal transmission, with the possibility to analysis by the service crews.

Locomotive Telemetry System

This system is capable for remote monitoring of various locomotive performance parameters which will help for preventive and timely maintenance of locomotives.

Main functions

  • Recording of removable Blackbox the motion parameters of locomotive system.

  • Remote monitoring of parameters and system characteristics during motion Possibility of user setting personalization of system operation.

  • Audio and visual notification.

  • Individual configuration of sensors due to the task for system.

  • Technical parameters and data acquisition to server.

  • Integration with on-board ATP systems.

  • Monitoring of fuel level in tanks and analysis of refueling and fuel consumption including unauthorized discharge.

  • Real-time monitoring of train parameters, equipment and subsystems (on-board supply voltage, pressure, power consumption, etc.).

  • Positioning by GNSS (GLONASS/GPS)

  • Saving history of technical parameters to nonvolatile memory

  • Indication of traffic and equipment main parameters on driver’s display unit

  • Generating reports on changes of technical parameters

  • Automated processing and transmission of train traffic and equipment parameters to a server of a locomotive monitoring system in real time mode

  • Quick access to information on the condition of trains fleet by maintenance personnel

Automatic Block Signaling System

Main functions

•   Control of train movement over block sections of a track.

•   Block sections occupancy control.

•   Track integrity control.

•   Generating and transmitting to operator the data on train position through automatic locomotive signaling and digital radio link.

•   Control signals of traffic lights with control of lamps integrity.

•   Control of level crossing automatics.

•   Turn on of the prohibitive traffic lights by station duty officer and level crossing duty officer.

•   Interaction with electric and dispatcher interlocking.

•   Interaction of the system subsets at neighboring stations with each other.

•   Control of serviceability of signal cable of track circuits.

•   Diagnostics of system modules with failure registration

Automatic Level Crossing System:

Microprocessor system is designed to control automatic signaling of level crossing equipment and status of level crossing

  • Operating life : 20 years

  • MTBF : 40,000 hours

  • Operation temperatures : -50° C to +75° C

  • IP 54 rating


Main functions

  • Classifies an obstacle and accidental situation.

  • Turn on the protective lights and crossing lights.

  • Generates command to train to speed down or emergency braking.

  • 24/7 situational control at level crossing and classifications of obstacles appeared.

  • Prompt warning of a train driver about level crossing occupancy.

  • Eliminates human factor in case of traffic accident.

Video Surveillance & Object Detection System:

​Structural pattern​

  • Real-time obstacles detection and classification (cars, people).

  • Audio and visual notification of loco crew.

  • Video 1920х1080 FPS25.

  • Speech recording of work-related conversations in locomotive cabin during work process.

  • Video data storage with auto updating.

  • Displaying video information from cameras.

  • Distance of recognition the object = 100 meters.

  • Estimation of distance to obstacle.

Radio Communication For Railway Transport And Service Crews
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