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A Robust R&D Unit at ADJ

ADJ has a well-established R&D unit to augment and realize the vision of Make in India. We have taken steps in the direction of building our capacity to innovate and support the local industry.



ADJ is manufacturing (Single and Double Rail Testers) i.e. SRT & DRT with B scan facility under Make in India Scheme.

Single USFD Rail Tester (ADJ SR 1)

  • ADJ SR 1 allows performing inspection using the echo pulse and echo-shadow methods both.

  • The flaw detectors have 14 acoustic channels for continuous inspection and 2 channels for local (manual) inspection.

  • Light weight for easy Mobility.

  • Sound and light indications.

  • Automated piezoelectric transducer parameter setting.

  • Technology with an adaptive threshold for automatic flaw detector channel sensitivity adjustment and automated inspection result evaluation.

  • Built-in geolocation and cellular communication module (LTE/GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU) for Prompt inspection data transmission via the Internet.

  • Display of the rail inspection results on the 3D model.

  • Colour Touchscreen display with 16,000,000 colours.

  • User-friendly interface and extended functionality software.

  • Data transfer with USB flash drive and via wireless mobile Internet.


Double Rail Tester ADJ DR 1

ADJ DR 1 is designed for continuous and local inspection of rails and welds on walking speed. The testing trolley is made of Aluminium alloy to reduce its weight. The flaw detector uses innovative ultrasonic rail testing technologies same as in SRT.

  • Manual coordinate adjustment by kilometres and railway milestones

  • Data visualization in various forms — A-scan and B-scan;

  • Data rewind during the inspection with the scaling function;

  • Data presentation in the form of ultrasonic beam travel inside a three-dimensional rail mode.

  • Sound alarms when the permissible inspection speed is exceeded, the acoustic contact is absent, etc.

  • Use of advanced probe configuration.

  • Presence of a control panel with the output of information about the current operation modes.

  • Sound and light indication.

  • Use of the global positioning system GLONASS/GPS.

  • Use of colour display.

  • Data transfer with USB flash drive and via wireless mobile Internet.


Track Geometry Measurement System (ADJ TGMS 1T)

Computerized track measuring trolleys of the ADJ TGMS 1T is one of the most innovative products of our company. It intended for monitoring, recording and digital indication of the current track coordinate values, width of the rail track (track gauge) and the mutual exceeding of one rail way relative to the other (cross-level) during construction, operation and repair works at the railway track.

The trolleys measure the track geometry parameters and process the information in the same format as the track measuring cars, and also make possible in the same way to perform a full-scale analysis of the current condition of the track, and predict its condition and possible deterioration in the future.


  • Simple design

  • Flexible software

  • Simple training

  • Availability of function of export of the received data to the analytical center and serving units

  • Operation in severe climatic conditions.

Glimpses of the adj R&D Unit

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