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Track maintenance SYSTEM 

Considering, the present abilities, we convey current track machines like High Output Ballast Cleaning Machine; Machine for Material Logistics; Multi functional Railcar; Lining, Leveling and Tamping Machine and so on and offer the Clients with task and maintenance services based on the life-cycle contract principle.

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Ballast Cleaning Machine

Ballast Cleaning Machine extract the old/dirty ballast from the track with a chain and transport it to a screen, which retains any usable material. The screened ballast is then returned to the track in order to have a desired profile as per Indian standards.

  • With the working capacity up to 1600 cubic meters.

  • Also, making the same under Make in India to increase the job possibilities here in.

  • Loco mobile machine, made on one frame.

  • Crew of only 4 people is required.

  • Low power consumption i.e. 512 kW.

  • High reliability of the main working element due to the asynchronous electric drive of the bar chain.

  • High quality of ballast cleaning.


High Output Ballast Cleaning Machine

High Output Ballast Cleaning Machine is a new technology of high-speed ballast cleaning by allowing a significant increase in productivity of cleaning contaminated ballast and returning the screened one back to track in order to have a desired profile as per standards.

  • With the working capacity up to 2000 cubic meters per hour, this machine is one of its kind.

  • It provide an increase in output by 2.5 times.

  • Improved design and ergonomics of the control cabin.

  • Crew of only 7 people is required.

  • Low power consumption i.e. 1200 kW.

  • Life cycle of machine is 35 years.


Leveling, Profiling & Temping Machine

Levelling, Profiling & Temping Machine a combination of three different machines into one, for the construction of new tracks & maintenance of the track-bed structure as per the given standards to meet the profile geometry.

  • A very reliable and compatible unique in its design and so the work.

  • It perform the function of LEVELLING, TAMPING and PROFILLING.

  • The unique feature of the machine is that it allows to open the track transport at 60 km/hr only after single pass.

  • Productivity of VPO-S – 2 km/h.

  • Track lifting by VPO-S is 300 mm.

  • Horizontal Track Shifting by VPO-S is +/-300 mm.

  • VPO-S is used in Deep-Screening of Track, overhauling the track, reconstructing the track and building a new track.

image Maintenance.png

Outsourcing of Railway Track Maintenance

We are actively participating for the deep screening job of the track maintenance on the railway routes as per guidelines provided by Indian Railway Board. The Railway Board is planning for outsourcing of mechanized deep-screening of track for a period of 10 years.

  • We are already in discussion with several Zones of the Indian Railways.

  • Our principal company has a vast experience of maintenance of Railway infrastructure throughout its life cycle in abroad.

  • Our principal company being the manufacturer of the track machines and having the required experience, assures the successfully execution of this work.


Muck Disposal Unit

MML-88 is designed for loading, transporting and unloading of Breakstone material of the railway.

  • Self-propelled machine.

  • Possibility of loading & unloading from each car simultaneously.

  • Increased capacity of about 650 T.

  • Low Power consumption i.e. 650 kW.

  • Time of unloading through the end car is 19.5 min and for parallel unloading is about 3.9 min.


Lubrication System

To reduce the wear & tear for the rail wheel interface of Rolling stock, here is lubrication system along the curves with a dedicated coach for the lubrication of the curved edges of the rails to save the maintenance cost of the both rail & wheel and hence increase the life of the both too.

TVEMA together with the Department of Technical Policy of ОАО RZD undertook a major review of the technical solutions of the lubrication vehicles operated at the railways and selected the most optimal configuration of the vehicle and rail lubrication equipment layout.

As a result, the Company has developed furnished with modern high-tech equipment lubrication vehicle, which due to its intelligent software exceeds functional possibilities of the existing analogs.

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